14/06/2012 Seafood Village


Great Grimsby Seafood Village Ltd
Ocean House, Fiskerton Way, Grimsby, DN37 9SZ
T: 01472 344300    E:
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14/06/2012 FMA Centenary Book

A FASCINATING new book tracing the history of Grimsby’s fishing industry over the past 100 years - and beyond - has gone on sale. To date over 350 copies have been sold. It is an ideal gift for anyone interested in Grimsby's fish processing past.

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14/06/2012 Industry Grants

Grants are available but the amounts and the criteria are forever changing.

Despite the economic doom and gloom there is still grant money available from the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) and other sources.

For Professional advice please contact either

Simon Dwyer / Liz Baghurst of Seafox Management Consultants read more »

14/06/2012 Norwegian Cod, you can eat with a conscience!


Fishing policies are higher than ever on the current news agenda - thanks in part to Hugh’s Fish Fight – and the UK seafood market is about to see the launch of a new and unique large-scale campaign with sustainable fishing read more »

14/06/2012 Grimsby Fish Market

The Market has suffered from a decline in supply therefore the challenge is to attract more supply especially from Norway. Simon Dwyer, chairman of  the Trade Corridor is working on a logistics model similar to the Icelandic model to bring supply from Norway into Immingham.

 Grimsby has the critical mass of buyers therefore it makes read more »